Biocaseus 2017, the VII edition of
the International Prize of organic cheese.

We are getting to the seventh edition of Biocaseus, the
International competition of organic cheeses.
An event that involves number of producers of organic cheese
from all European countries.
A world to discover the most part - often hidden in remote corners
of the countryside throughout Europe - where the animals are living
in spacious stables, going to pasture, andalso are feed naturally,
without forcing and with foods free of preservatives and additives,
able to make them produce more.
A world where is pursuing a way of farming that considers animal
husbandry and agricultural crop rotation as the necessary
completion for the circles of soil fertility, which continues to hold
the manure as an asset rather than a waste to be disposed of in
less expensive ways.
A world that continues to consider that making cheese is the most
natural and old way to preserve all the milk richness, herbs,
bacteria and the environment in which way it was born.
Biocaseus is theexhibition of masterpieces of the Art of cheese
from Italy, France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Holland, Belgium, since
1999, every two years we are challenged to learn that the organic
cheeses are very good and are better than others are, and they
interpret the typical culture of the places and the people who
created them.

The seventh edition of Biocaseus is organized by
Consorzio Ecosviluppo Sardegna (Collective Leader Operator,
promoter and sole financier of the first two editions 1999 and
2001), with the collaboration of
IFOAM (Federazione Internazionale Agricoltura Biologica)
ONAF (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Formaggi)
ICEA (Istituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale)
Veneto Agricoltura
Soil Association
Ecovalia - Asociaciòn Valor Ecològico
BioForum Vlaanderen

Dates and Events:
· December, 12 to 14 2016 Cheesereception at the Institute
for food quality and technology of Veneto Agricoltura in
Thiene (VI) and distribution of cheeses in their respective

· December, 15 - 16 2016 Evaluation of the cheeses in the
competition, by an international panel of experts from all the
countries, represented by the “Group of coordinated sensory
analysis” by Dr. Alberto Marangon- Veneto Agriculture.

· December, 19 2016 Selection of the first 3 finalist in each
cheese category, and communication to the producers. All the
companies participating in the competition will receive a
summary of the proceedings obtained from cheese presented.

· February, 16 2017 Announcement of the top three winners
and awarding of diplomas at the “Biofach 2017” in Nuremberg.

· Dissemination of results of the competition on the major food
Biocaseus Coordinator                            Biocaseus Responsible
IgnazioCirronis                                           EgonGiovannini

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