BioCaseus 2017: a success beyond all expectation!
BIOCASEUS 2017, the International Organic Cheese Prize, has been organized by Consorzio Ecosviluppo Sardegna, in
collaboration with Veneto Agricoltura, IFOAM, Onaf, SOIL Association (United Kingdom), BioForum Vlaanderen
(Belgium), Ecovalia - Asociaciòn Valor Ecològico (Spain) and the support of ICEA - Istituto per la Certificazione Etica ed
A Prize born in 1999 to spread the organic cheese quality, that in this edition had the participation of 174 cheeses from 9
European Countries.
All the cheeses were evaluated by an International Jury, coordinated by the Responsible of the Sensory Analysis
Laboratory of the “Istituto per la Qualità e le Tecnologie Agroalimentari” of Veneto Agricoltura, composed of 57
specialists from ONAF (National Organization Cheese Tasters) and the DOP Safeguarding Cheese Consortiums, buyers of
the dairy products in the Italian and abroad distribution.
We got this year 51 winner cheeses, divided in 19 categories (depending on milk, aging and production method). The
general placement is available online on <> .
Every cheese has been evaluated by 7 judges for his smell, taste, structure, appearance, color, holes and texture. The
evaluation file used in this competition awarded the 60% of the whole rating for the organoleptic aspects - as smell, taste
and structure -, the 30% for the visual characteristics of the rind and the inside, and the 10% for the texture. 
The judgement about the high quality of all the participating cheeses was unanimous; all the judges worked with
objective standards and actually without prejudices (ugly and organic is better than beauty and conventional!).
Moreover, the cheeses got a medium score of 82,40/100: this proves that Organic Cheeses are really tasty and also that
they can truly translate the uniqueness and the culture of the people and the placese that made them.
The Award Ceremony will take place at the Nuremberg BioFach 2017, by the ICEA stand (booth 1-351) at 10 am on
February the 16th; in this area the winner cheeses will be available for taste for the whole BioFach duration.